The attack on Reker Ahmed

The cruel and horrific attack on Reker Ahmed has shocked our entire borough.

Croydon is home to people from all over the world who have, like Reker, sought a new life in the UK. Our borough is one of London’s most diverse areas and it is proud to be so. It has always rejected hatred and those who seek to divide us.

The people who carried out this appalling attack are nothing more than cowards. There is something particularly cowardly about such a large group of people targeting a defenceless 17 year old, and the police are working hard to bring them to justice.

A number of people have been arrested, but anyone with information on this horrific crime should contact them via 101, or through Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

You can donate to the crowdfunding campaign to support Reker here.