Save Croydon’s NHS

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Save Croydon’s NHS

Croydon has the biggest population of any borough in London, with over 360,000 people living here.  We also have one of the highest birth rates in the capital.  That’s why Labour opposed Tory-inspired plans to downgrade Croydon University Hospital’s A&E and maternity units in a recent consultation.  The consultation was halted in February 2014 after wasting £11.5m that should have been spent on frontline health services instead.  More and more residents are reporting waits of over 2 weeks to see a GP when they fall ill – another symptom of the Government’s failure to properly fund health services in Croydon.

Steve’s action

Steve launched a petition signed by over 5,000 people calling for investment to improve Croydon University Hospital rather than downgrading key services.  Government funding remains inadequate and fears remain over the long-term future of Croydon’s A&E and other health services.

For more details see our factsheet here.