New Council HQ costs over £1000 per household

 In Croydon, News

Labour councillors have forced Croydon’s Tories to reveal the true cost of the luxurious new glass-and-steel council HQ they’ve built themselves.   The Council has borrowed a staggering £135 million, hiked up council tax and cut frontline services to fund their vanity project.  This all works out at over £1000 for every household in Croydon. 

The Tory-run council has chosen to spend millions on a glittering new building for themselves despite the fact that their ruinous economic policies have left Croydon full of empty office blocks.  They could have used any one of these at a fraction of the cost of building a new one.  Many residents have been left open-mouthed at the Tories decision to build themselves new luxury offices instead of providing desperately-needed school places, paying for extra police officers, improving street-cleaning, or replacing crumbling roads and pavements. 

Despite the fact the Tories are using public money to fund their new offices, they have refused to publish all the information about the contracts and full costs of the development.  They also tried to cover up that they are spending over £3 million on buying new furniture for their new HQ instead of moving existing furniture from their current offices next door.

 Croydon’s out-of-touch Conservatives hope that by keeping residents in the dark they can get away with this extravagant waste of money at a time when hard-pressed households across the borough are struggling to make ends meet.