Emancipation Day: a time to reflect

 In Croydon, News

On the 1st July, I joined the Croydon African Caribbean Family Organisation’s (CACFO) annual emancipation day rally in Thornton Heath.

At the rally, I spoke about how we must never forget the lasting pain of slavery and the number of people that died. Emancipation day also gives us an opportunity to reflect of how emancipation has, and continues to, shape the community in Croydon North.

However, it is also a time to reflect on 27 million slaves that are still in the world today. Slavery is not legal anywhere but it happens everywhere; with slaves being sold right around the world. Even here in London, there are women who have trafficked across the world and forced into a life of prostitution. Since my election as the MP of Croydon North, I have worked with the Poppy Project that helps and supports these women, who are living the lives of modern day slaves. I committed to continue to work with both the Poppy Project and CACFO stopping the exploitation of slaves here in Croydon North and across the world.