Tories threaten Croydon health services

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Croydon University Hospital’s maternity and A&E services are facing a renewed threat from Tory cuts.  The latest NHS proposals for South-West London list Croydon’s services as one of three options for closure or drastic reduction.  Consultation was due to start this summer, but there has been a delay while the proposals are reviewed.  Health professionals have raised concerns this could lead to Croydon’s services becoming a higher priority for closure.  It’s important the public get a chance to show they are opposed to losing these services in case Tory ministers see Croydon as an easy option for cuts.

Labour MP Steve Reed joined local councillors, health service employees and local residents outside Croydon University Hospital and in Thornton Heath town centre to campaign against the threatened closures.  Many people in the area are not aware these vital services could be hit by the Tory axe.   Croydon has the biggest population of any London borough and is currently experiencing a baby boom.

Steve Reed MP said: “It’s is simply unacceptable that a borough the size of Croydon could be left without an A&E service, and it beggars belief that the Tories could even consider forcing parents of new-born children to travel miles further away for the maternity services they depend on.  David Cameron’s promise that there would be no top-down reorganisation of the NHS under the Tories lies in tatters.  We’ve found real anger on the streets as people realise the Tories are eyeing up vital local health services for cuts and closure.”