Croydon Tories: making it harder for businesses in Thornton Heath

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Last month, I was contacted by businesses on Thornton Heath High Street about changes to parking and extensions to double yellow lines affecting their customers and shops.

So, this week I was joined by local Labour councillors, Pat Clouder, Matthew Kyeremeh and Louisa Woodley as we took a questionnaire to the shopkeepers and businesses asking them their views on the changes.  At a time when hard-pressed shopkeepers are being hit by the rise in VAT and a living standards crisis, the local business owners were overwhelmingly against the further parking restrictions and wanted to know why Croydon Tories are implementing proposals, which will do nothing to encourage residents to shop locally in Thornton Heath.

These changes, affecting firms throughout Thornton Heath High Street, were widely opposed by the people that we spoke to, and they wanted to know why Croydon Tories wanted to make things harder for them.