Reed asks Prince Charles to help Croydon’s forgotten riot victims

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Steve Reed MP has written to the Prime Minister and Prince Charles asking them to intervene to help Croydon’s forgotten riot victims.   Some people are still waiting for compensation over two years after the riots took place.   Steve has campaigned continually for local riot victims ever since his election last November but is frustrated by the failure of the Government to respond.  He has now written to Prince Charles to help secure a meeting for victims with Prime Minister David Cameron so they can ask him to make good the promises he made in the immediate aftermath of the riots.

Croydon’s forgotten victims include Mr and Mrs Hassan who owned a dry-cleaning business on the London Road that was burnt down by rioters.  They have never received compensation to rebuild their business and are sinking deeper into debt as a result.  Croydon mum Charlene Munro was forced to flee her London Road flat with her 3-year-old son when she saw a mob of rioters approaching.   She returned the next day to find her home burnt down and all her possessions destroyed.  Because the authorities failed to provide adequate compensation she has been forced to file for bankruptcy.

Steve Reed MP said: “It’s simply no good the Prime Minister standing up in the House of Commons and promising to help victims if that help never comes through.  I want him to hear directly from the people who are still suffering why he needs to act to secure the support these people need and deserve.  I know Prince Charles cares deeply about this issue so I’ve asked for his help to persuade Mr Cameron to listen.”

He added: “I have also written directly to the shop keepers of the London Road this week, to tell them what I have been doing to take up the case of people who are still waiting for compensation.  I will not let the Government walk away from Croydon’s riot victims.  They must meet every single promise made to the people of Croydon, and everyone who suffered loss must be properly compensated.”