Independent commission to tackle litter crisis

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Croydon North MP Steve Reed has set up a commission to investigate the growing crisis of litter-strewn streets across the north of the borough.   Hundreds of residents have told Mr Reed they are angry that Croydon’s Conservative-run Council leaves local streets strewn with unswept litter, dog mess and dumped rubbish.

The Croydon North Streets Commission will be fully independent with Croydon BME Forum Chief Executive Nero Ughwujabo as its chair.  Commission members include representatives from business, churches, mosques, and residents’ groups.

The Commission will hold a series of public hearings across Croydon North and will invite residents, community groups, schools and businesses to give evidence about the scale of the problem and what needs to be done to put things right.   The Commission starts work this month and will submit its final report to the Council before the end of the year.  Residents can provide evidence including photographs via a website, by email, or by completing a written questionnaire.

Steve Reed MP said: “The streets in Croydon North are visibly dirtier than in neighbouring boroughs or even the south of our own borough.  Fly tipping has reached crisis levels with complaints more than double the level recorded in 2010.   Keeping the streets clean is a basic public service that Croydon Council has failed to get right, so I’ve appointed an independent commission to listen to local people’s views and tell the council what needs to change to sort out Croydon’s litter crisis.”

Nero Ughwujabo said: “As Chair of the Croydon Streets Commission I am inviting residents to share their experience of litter, fly tipping and dumped rubbish on local streets.  I also want to hear people’s views about how our streets could be kept cleaner.   The Commission aims to establish the scale of the problem and then make recommendations on how to improve it.  I hope every political party contesting next year’s council elections will look at our final proposals and consider adopting them as part of their manifesto.”