Steve celebrates Diwali with Croydon’s Hindu community

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Steve Reed MP joined the Diwali celebrations in central Croydon this week.  Croydon Hindu Council organised the first-ever Diwali festival to take place in the town’s shopping centre, with Indian food, traditional dance, crafts and stalls on display.  Holding the event in public in Croydon’s main shopping centre meant the event attracted not only Hindus but members of Croydon’s other communities who were able to share in the fun.

Speaking at the event, Steve thanked the organisers for hosting the event and wished everyone who celebrates it a very happy Diwali.  Commenting afterwards he said: “It’s wonderful to see Croydon’s Hindu community celebrating one of their most important festivals by inviting everyone else to take part.  Diwali is about the victory of good over evil, this is a great universal theme that everyone can understand.

“The hospitality was warm and welcoming and everyone I met was having a great time in the Autumn sunshine.  The traditional dancers, in particular, put on a wonderful performance.  Once again I’m reminded that Croydon’s greatest strength is our diversity.”