Steve raises accountability of publicly funded schools.

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Steve Reed MP has asked why the Government refuses to make all schools accountable to their local communities. The Croydon North MP asked Education Secretary Michael Gove what steps he is taking to ensure the oversight and accountability of free schools funded by taxpayers following recent scandals.

In recent weeks the news has been filled with stories about the financial mismanagement of free schools.  With two free schools due to open in his Croydon North constituency, Mr Reed demanded answers. Steve asked Michael Gove whether he would strengthen oversight of free schools following recent scandals, but the Tory Education Secretary ducked the question.

Commenting on the Secretary of State’s disappointing response, Steve said:

“Ever since Michael Gove announced his free school policy, Labour has warned that he was creating a system that risks financial irregularities. In recent weeks, the KSA Free School founder has been arrested for fraud, exposing the risks that the Government’s lax approach has created.

Instead, Labour would introduce parent-led academies in areas with a shortage of school places; we’d employ properly qualified teachers; and there would be proper systems of financial accountability and transparency. In the meantime, the current free school policy proves, yet again, that the Government has no sensible education plan for children and parents in Croydon.”

You can find a copy of Steve’s question here: