Steve meets Labour candidates to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour

 In Croydon, News, Parliament

Steve Reed MP met with Labour candidates from across the country to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour.   The session with Labour parliamentary candidates discussed Labour’s plans for tackling anti- social behaviour and drew on Steve’s experience of campaigning for more police in Croydon and tackling crime his previous job as a council leader.

The Tory-led Government is making it harder to fight anti-social behaviour by abolishing ASBOs at a time when and 8 out of 10 people told an official survey that anti-social behaviour had become a bigger problem over the last year.   Labour candidates were keen to share ideas and experience about helping communities fight back against criminals.

Commenting on the meeting, Steve said:

“This group of fantastic Labour candidates told me today how important it is that the next Labour Government takes the strongest possible stance against anti-social behaviour.  The last Labour government was the first in history that left power with crime lower than when they were first elected, now that’s increasingly at risk as the Tories weaken the police and the powers available to fight crime.

An incoming Labour Government would protect neighbourhood policing with a minimum guarantee on the level of resources available to every community.  That would stop a future Tory government cutting local police teams like the current Government has done.”