South Norwood regeneration: time for action

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Steve Reed MP spoke at a meeting organised by People for Portland Road, a group working to improve the state of Portland Road.

Over 70 residents attend the meeting to discuss the regeneration of South Norwood, the state of local streets and help for local businesses at the meeting at the historic Stanley Halls. Many residents raised concerns about the state of local streets. South Norwood, like much of the north and centre of Croydon, is suffering from a fly-tipping and litter crisis thanks to the Tory-run council’s failure to keep the streets clean. Joined by Councillors Tony Newman, Wayne Lawlor, Kathy Bee, Paul Scott and Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Croydon Central, Sarah Jones, residents voiced fears that businesses would not invest in an area that looks uncared for.

Commenting on the meeting, Steve Reed MP said:

“My recent involvement in the regeneration of Brixton, Streatham and West Norwood demonstrated that if you want to attract private funding into an area you first need to put in public sector investment and get basic services like street cleaning right, something Croydon’s Tory council has failed to do.

South Norwood has a lot going for it. There are fantastic transport links to central London, a diverse and friendly community, housing that’s more affordable than central London and an area with a rich history and strong identity. It’s important that regeneration works for South Norwood people, and those who live there are best placed to make sure that happens. 

That’s why I’m keen to see a regeneration partnership put together that is led by residents. It should also include the council, business representatives, and public and private sector landowners, but representatives of local people must be in the driving seat.”

Steve wrote about the meeting on Inside Croydon.   You can find his article here: