Steve calls on Croydon council to ‘get a grip’ over Tennison road flooding

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Steve Reed MP has written to Croydon Council demanding action for residents affected by repeated flooding of Tennison Road.

Several residents have asked Steve to help with this problem after contacting the council to no avail.

The road in South Norwood regularly suffers flooding yet Tory-run Croydon Council simply ignores residents’ requests for help and leaves them to wade through rivers of water in their road. Steve has asked the council to make sure that blocked drains are cleared and that detritus in grids and gullies is removed.

Commenting after the latest floods hit the street, Steve said: “The Town Hall Tories’ inability to get basic services right has once again let local people down. Residents of Tennision Road have done the right thing and reported flooding to the council, but nothing ever happens to fix the problem.  Croydon Tories charge one of the highest levels of council tax in London yet basic services are sub-standard.  The council must get a grip on this issue before flooding causes even more serious damage to people’s homes and gardens.“