Parliament protects children from second-hand smoke in cars

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Parliament has overwhelmingly voted in favour of a ban on smoking in cars carrying children.  The proposal was put to the vote in the House of Commons last night but was first introduced as an amendment by Croydon North MP Steve Reed last April.

Speaking after the vote, Steve Reed commented: “I’m delighted this common-sense proposal will now become law, and I’m proud of the part I played in making that happen.  Every year up to 160,000 children develop lung diseases as a result of breathing in second-hand smoke in cars.  They are powerless to stop adults smoking in vehicles where the concentration of toxic fumes is eleven times higher than in a smoky pub.

He continued: “The right of children to grow up healthy outweighs the right of smokers to harm them.  This new law will change attitudes and behaviours and help protect thousands of children from the dangers of passive smoking in cars.”

You can read a full version of Steve Reed MP’s speech in the House of Commons here