Croydon’s NHS left in chaos by Tory re-organisation

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Proposals to reorganise hospital services across South-West London have been dropped after GPs linked to a threatened hospital lost confidence in them.  The proposals, called ‘Better Services Better Value’, included plans to downgrade A&E and maternity services in some hospitals and relocate them in specialist centres in others.  One option would have seen these vital services downgraded at Croydon University Hospital, while another would have brought much-needed investment.  Labour launched a campaign and petition last year in favour of investing and improving Croydon’s services which local Tories refused to support.

The consultation has so far cost £8 million.  Health service bosses, who are struggling to cope with the Government’s failure to fund the NHS properly,  will bring forward new proposals in June.  This date is after the May council and European elections when a renewed threat to local health services could have damaged the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

There is no guarantee that future proposals will not include closures in Croydon, and in the meantime the local NHS is still trying to battle major underfunding which could see some services downgraded anyway.

Croydon North MP Steve Reed commented: “This botched consultation has wasted £8m that could have been spent on local health services.  Croydon University Hospital needs investment and improvement without further delay.  Local people will not accept any further plans to downgrade our hospital services when new proposals are published later in the year.  The fight to protect our NHS goes on.”