Ten things to know about Croydon’s Conservatives….

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Before you decide who to vote for in the council elections on 22 May, here are ten things you need to know about Croydon’s Conservatives and how they’ve run the council over the past eight years.


  1. 1. COUNCIL TAX HIKES: Rejected funding to freeze council tax so they could hike it up to record levels – Croydon residents now pay more than ANY neighbouring council whether Labour, Tory or Lib Dem.
  2. 2. FEWER POLICE: Supported plans to cut police numbers below the inadequate level seen at the time of the riots and left Croydon with just one 24/7 police station for the entire borough.
  3. 3. HOSPITAL THREAT: Refused to oppose plans to downgrade Croydon University Hospital’s A&E and maternity unit.
  4. 4. WASTED MILLIONS:  Prioritised building themselves a multi-million pound new HQ in the town centre while telling residents there’s no money for police, schools, or decent street cleaning.
  5. 5. FILTHY STREETS: Failed to prosecute a single person for fly-tipping last year despite a 150% increase in dumped rubbish since they were last elected, leaving 8 out of 10 residents dissatisfied with local streets.
  6. 6. SLUM HOMES: Slammed in a BBC documentary for forcing homeless families into squalid, damp, overcrowded and insect-infested accommodation.
  7. 7. SCHOOL PLACES SHORTAGE: Left Croydon with the biggest shortage of school places in the country and more students at underperforming schools than any other London borough.
  8. 8. SOARING UNEMPLOYMENT: With unemployment in Croydon above the London average the Tories refused to back a tax on bankers’ bonuses to fund training to get people back to work and tried to impose the biggest funding cut in the country on Croydon College.
  9. 9. LIBRARY SELL-OFF: Did a secret deal to sell off all Croydon’s libraries to a private building company who immediately made vast profits by flogging them off to a developer.
  10. 10. RIPPING OFF TENANTS:  Blocked plans to register lettings agents and landlords to curb unfair fees of up to £1000 imposed on hard-pressed tenants.

There’s only one way to make things change, and that’s by voting Labour on 22 May.  A vote for any other party could leave Croydon’s town-hall Tories in power doing even more damage.