Residents shocked by £20,000 repair bills

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Leaseholders at Priory Crescent and Menlo Gardens, Upper Norwood, are up in arms after bills for up to £20,000 landed on their doorsteps without any warning.  Residents met with local MP Steve Reed to discuss their concerns and draw up a plan to persuade landlords Hastoe Housing Association to come up with more affordable proposals.

Residents say the bills for new windows and a new roof are unfair and most residents can’t afford them.  During a meeting at Priory Crescent worried residents pointed out that Hastoe had not worked with them to identify whether all the work was necessary or not, had failed to provide a range of options to prove they were getting the best value for money, and were not offering long-term payment options.  Some residents face paying an extra £800 a month to cover the bills, money most people simply don’t have.

Speaking after talking with residents Steve Reed MP said: “I will write to the landlords on behalf of Priory Crescent and Menlo Gardens residents to ask why they have not consulted residents more closely about these huge bills.  People simply don’t have a spare £20,000 and can’t afford the payment terms on offer.  We need to see whether there’s a cheaper option available, whether all the planned works are really necessary, and how affordable payment terms can be offered to residents.”