Illegal traveller camps in Upper Norwood

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Two illegal traveller camps have appeared in Upper Norwood.  Residents have reported camps that appeared overnight in Upper Norwood Recreation Ground and on a site in Spa Hill. 

Steve Reed MP contacted the council who are now taking immediate action to remove the illegal camps and direct the travellers to sites put aside for their use elsewhere.    

The Council has now removed the travellers from Upper Norwood Rec.  A notice will be issued tomorrow (Tuesday 17th June) to travellers occupying a site on The Lawns, Spa Hill, giving them notice to leave. 

Commenting on the situation, Steve said:

“I know how concerned and worried people were when the travellers moved onto the rec this weekend. I want to thank council staff who have worked quickly to move the travellers from the park and are now removing those who remain on Spa Hill.

Councils across London put aside sites where travellers can live.  There is no need for them to occupy public parks which should be kept free for everyone to enjoy.”