Labour MP votes to get tough on knife crime

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Croydon North MP, Steve Reed, has backed tougher sentences for those found guilty for the second time of carrying a knife. Residents regularly contact Mr Reed worried about knife crime and gang-related violence in Croydon.

In the last financial year, there were over 470 knife crime offences in Croydon, so many residents were astonished when Croydon Central’s Tory MP Gavin Barwell refused to back mandatory jail terms for repeat knife offenders.

Residents’ across Croydon feel increasingly let down by local Tories on crime.   Croydon Tories supported Boris Johnson when he cut police numbers below the inadequate level seen at the time of the riots and left Croydon with only one 24/7 police station for the entire borough.  There are now 50 fewer police officers patrolling Croydon’s streets than when the Tory-led Government was elected.

Commenting after the vote in Parliament, Steve said: “I backed this measure because it sends a strong message that carrying a knife on the streets of Croydon is totally unacceptable. I’m surprised that Croydon Central’s Gavin Barwell has chosen now to go soft on this kind of crime, especially since an illegal rave in the area he represents has highlighted the need for tougher action against criminals.

Much more needs to be done to make sure people are aware of the consequences of carrying a knife and to steer young offenders away from this destructive lifestyle.”