Residents demand a fresh start on dumped rubbish and parking

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Residents living in West Thornton Ward have demanded action to tackle dumped rubbish and poor traffic management in their neighbourhood.  Over 60 residents took part in a public meeting called by local MP Steve Reed at Gonville Primary School, the latest in a regular series of meetings Steve hosts right across Croydon North.

Residents expressed frustration at how Thornton Heath has declined over recent years.  One speaker contrasted how the area had fallen back under a Tory council compared to nearby Brixton which is thriving under a Labour council that provides better quality public services, cleaner streets and lower council tax, all of which helps to attract private investment with more jobs and a vibrant range of local shops.

Many residents raised concerns about poor quality parking management in the area, and there was strong support for the idea of increased resident involvement in improving traffic management.

The independent Croydon North Streets Commission has already shown that nearly 80% of residents were dissatisfied with failing street-cleaning services under the previous Tory council.  With Labour now in charge at the town hall there was strong support from residents for a fresh start and action to tackle people who dump rubbish on local streets after years of Tory neglect.  Also at the meeting were West Thornton councillors Bernadette Khan and Stuart King.