North Wood Court residents question local MP

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Steve Reed MP joined, South Norwood councillor, Cllr Wayne Lawlor at North Wood Court sheltered housing block to hear their views on South Norwood.

Over 25 residents discussed with their concerns on a wide range of issues from police cuts to the need for new bins on Sunny Bank for dog owners to deposit dog waste. Some of the attendees also expressed concerns that the street’s cars had been targeted by vandals.

The residents also asked Steve and Wayne about the new Labour council’s plans for one-hour free parking in the district centres and the ‘Don’t Mess with Croydon Campaign’ to clean up the streets that had been left fly-tipped and litter strewn by the previous Tory administration.

Speaking after the meeting, Steve said: “It was great to be invited to come down and listen to the residents of North Wood Court and hear what they think about South Norwood.  All the residents here backed my campaign to get the police on the street that we were promised and wanted to hear about the new Labour administration’s plans to clear up our streets.”