Thames Water told to fix failing supply in Crystal Palace

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Steve Reed MP and local residents have quizzed Thames Water about months of water-supply failures in the Crystal Palace area.  For well over a year residents have intermittently woken up to find their taps, toilets and showers had no water.  The inconvenience of being unable to wash, bath the children, flush the toilet or even make a cup of tea has left residents seething at Thames Water’s failure.  Local businesses have also suffered with a lack of water preventing them from opening on time and restaurants and bars unable to serve food.

Local MP Steve invited residents who contacted him via email, Facebook and Twitter to question Thames Water bosses at a meeting in Parliament.  Crystal Palace residents Francis Bernstein and Jodie Littlewood took up the offer to speak on behalf of their neighbours.  They told the water company chiefs how frequently problems had occurred and what serious inconvenience it caused.  Steve asked for customers to be offered financial compensation as an apology.

Thames Water’s representatives agreed to publish detailed plans of repair work due to continue until April next year and to keep residents informed about risks to supply and when they will be sorted out.  After expressing surprise at just how bad the water supply had been they agreed to consider offering customers money back on their bills.

Speaking after the meeting Steve said: “I’m incredibly grateful to Jodie and Francis for coming in to tell Thames Water what just how bad it’s been over the past few months.  There are clearly problems with the water-pumping system in the Crystal Palace area and local people need to know how these are going to be put right.  People can’t keep waking up to find they have no water, we must see improvement as quickly as possible.”