Two weeks, two questions but no answers from Cameron

 In Croydon, News

Croydon North MP, Steve Reed found himself in the rare position of being drawn to quiz David Cameron two weeks in a row during Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament. But the Tory leader failed to answer either of Mr Reed’s questions properly.

The Labour MP first asked Mr Cameron about the Tories botched and abandoned reorganisation of south-west London’s A&E and maternity services.  The collapsed consultation cost £11.5 million and Mr Reed wanted to know why the Government had wasted money on this instead of paying for the extra doctors and nurses that Croydon needs. Instead of answering the question put to him the Prime Minister just shouted a string of unrelated statistics across the House of Commons.

The following week, Mr Reed demanded to know who would take responsibility after hundreds of foreign criminals were let loose on Britain’s streets instead of being deported.  The Prime Minister was forced to admit his Government’s was deporting 500 fewer foreign criminals each year that when he took office. But he tried to blame human rights legislation when an official report had shown the fault lay with a lack of co-ordination across government.

After questioning the Prime Minister, Steve Reed said:“I asked the Prime Minister two straightforward questions that are both of deep concern to many people in Croydon North.  What a shame we’ve got a Prime Minister who can’t just give a straight answer. David Cameron promised no top-down re-organisation of our NHS and to deport more foreign criminals.  He’s broken his promises on both counts but hasn’t got the backbone to admit it.”