Reed demands better deal for Croydon’s renters

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Croydon North MP Steve Reed has demanded a better deal for people who rent private flats.  Speaking in the House of Commons he asked the Tory Housing Minister why the Government won’t act against rip-off lettings agents.

Mr Reed referred to research conducted by the Labour Party in Croydon North that showed renters are being clobbered with multiple fees that in some cases total more than £1,000.  Croydon North has one of the highest levels of people renting from private landlords in London.

Labour’s Steve Reed told Parliament: “a survey conducted in Croydon North showed some letting agents charging registration fees as high as £500, hundreds more in finder’s fees and hundreds more for simply handling the deposit.”  He then asked: “Why are the Government not standing up for hard-pressed renters against rip-off letting agents?”

Croydon’s newly elected Labour council has recently announced plans to set up a register so tenants can identify those landlords offering a fair deal and those who might rip them off.  The register would benefit both tenants and honest landlords offering decent quality accommodation.  Croydon Conservatives responded by calling a meeting of landlords to try and block plans to help tenants.

Steve Reed commented: “It’s crystal clear the Tories both nationally and locally don’t want to see tenants get a fair deal.  They always stand up for the minority of landlords who rip tenants off rather than work with Labour to put sensible safeguards in place.”