Transport for London ‘investigating’ East and West Croydon re-zone

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A campaign led by Labour’s Sarah Jones and MP Steve Reed, has today received a boost with news that TfL are actively considering rezoning East and West Croydon stations into Zone 4.

In a letter received by Mr Reed, Vernon Everitt (Managing Director of TfL, Marketing and Communications) states that they are investigating the “potential cost” of rezoning East and West Croydon stations and will be writing to the Labour MP again in June with an update.

In a further boost, Mr Everitt also compared Reed and Jones’ campaign to the one in Stratford which was successfully rezoned in 2014 as part of major regeneration plans on a similar scale to those now being championed by Croydon’s Labour council.

Sarah Jones said: “After months of campaigning and a hugely positive response from people across Croydon, it’s great to see TfL are now considering the case for rezoning East and West Croydon stations in zone 4.  I’ll keep pushing for this with TfL as an important way to boost Croydon’s regeneration plans and to demand that Croydon’s commuters get a fairer deal.”

Mr Reed went on: “It’s great news that Transport for London are looking at how we could rezone East and West Croydon stations.  Sarah and I have been banging the drum to re-zone Croydon and now we’re beginning to make some progress.  It worked for Stratford, and the size of Croydon’s regeneration plans means there’s a similar case to be made for Croydon.  Labour launched this campaign, it’s won massive local support, and Labour will keep campaigning for this change that could potentially save Croydon commuters over £330 each a year at a time when London’s Tory mayor keeps putting up the price of commuting.”

You can read the letter by clicking here