A better plan for Croydon North

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Steve Reed, Labour’s candidate for Croydon North, has welcomed the Labour Party’s manifesto for the general election after its launch on Monday 13 April.

The manifesto is a plan for a better and fairer Britain, which will help people in Croydon North who have been let down by the Tory-led government.

Steve said that policies to raise the minimum wage, fund extra doctors and nurses, and freeze energy bills would raise living standards for people in Croydon.

After five years of a Conservative government which has left working families £1100 a year worse off, Labour’s manifesto will be welcomed by voters in Croydon North.

Steve said: “Croydon can’t afford another five years of the Tories. I am proud to be standing as Labour’s candidate on a manifesto which puts working people first and tackles the cost-of-living crisis.

“Commuters will benefit from next year’s rail fare freeze, and the protected education budget will mean investment in the school places Croydon sorely needs.

“Croydon North deserves higher pay, a safer NHS, and more police on the streets. This manifesto shows that only Labour will deliver a better plan for Croydon.”

You can read Labour’s manifesto – called ‘Britain can be better’ – on the party’s website here.