Making life easier for working families

 In Croydon, News

Labour will help families in Croydon meet the challenge of managing work and childcare, with plans set out in the party’s manifesto for a better future for women which was launched today (15 April).

Steve Reed, Labour’s candidate for Croydon North, said the Conservatives had badly let down working parents by presiding over a cut of 660 childcare places in Croydon.

The cost of a part-time nursery place in Croydon has increased by 23% since 2010, and now costs on average £123 a week – higher than the national average.

Labour’s manifesto pledges 25 hours of free childcare and at least 50,000 more places at Sure Start centres; as well as guaranteed access to childcare from 8am to 6pm in primary schools. A plan to allow parents to transfer unpaid leave to grandparents, so that they can help care for children, was also unveiled.

Steve said: “Today’s announcements show that only Labour has a better plan for working families. More free childcare hours and Sure Start places will undo the damage done by David Cameron’s government.

“With nursery costs in Croydon rising by nearly a quarter under the Tories and Sure Start places being cut, only a Labour government will help parents in Croydon balance work and care.

“Working families in Croydon North are finding life harder, not easier, under the Tories. Labour has today set out a better plan to help them meet the challenge of managing work and childcare”

More details on Labour’s manifesto for a better future for women can be found here.