Thank you for voting Labour

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Thank you to everyone who voted to re-elect me as Member of Parliament for Croydon North last Thursday.  I’m both proud and humbled that so many people chose to support me, and I will work night and day to justify the trust you have placed in me.


It’s incredibly disappointing that the Conservatives won the election nationally.  They have let Croydon down over the past five years, and I fear things will only get worse now they are back in power.   We still face the biggest shortage of school places in the country, shockingly high levels of unemployment particularly affecting our young people, a housing crisis, and a shortage of doctors and nurses that leads to long waiting lists.  I will work constructively with the Government on these and other issues, but I will continue to need the active support of our fantastic community if we are going to make this Government listen and treat Croydon North more fairly.


Locally, our streets still suffer from too much litter and dumped rubbish.  Although the Labour Council elected last year has made improvements after eight years of Tory neglect, things are not yet good enough.  I will continue to work with our councillors and the community to sort this problem out.


Being MP for Croydon North is an incredible privilege.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in this way.  I will always do my best to make Croydon North better for everyone who lives here.


Croydon North election results:


Steve Reed (Labour):  33,513

Conservative:  12,149

UKIP:   2899

Green: 2515

Liberal Democrat:  1919

(Labour majority: 21,364)