Steve welcomes climate change campaigners to Parliament

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Labour MP Steve Reed has met with campaigners from Croydon North to discuss climate change.

As part of the Climate Coalition’s lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 17 June, Steve discussed the local and global impacts of climate change and what support he could give to new energy efficiency initiatives by the local community.

Meanwhile, House of Commons research commissioned by Steve shows that Croydon has air pollution rates above the average rate for England.

Steve Reed said: “The message from both the climate change lobby and this new research is that we have more work to do to protect Croydon’s environment and prevent risks to people’s health.

“A cleaner environment is best not just for the people of Croydon but also for Croydon’s contribution to London. As a follow-up to my meeting with climate change campaigners, I look forward to working with other community groups and the council to make Croydon a more environmentally-friendly place to live and work.”