Zone 4 Croydon would save commuters over £330 a year – Steve’s latest Croydon advertiser column

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Commuters using West Croydon and East Croydon stations get a raw deal.  The two stations are both closer to central London that many stations in zone 4 and yet they’re in fare zone 5 which means higher fares.  Last year, I launched a campaign called Zone4Croydon to get the two stations rezoned.

There’s a precedent for making this happen.  As part of the regeneration of Stratford ahead of the London Olympics their local station was rezoned into zone 4.  The regeneration coming to central Croydon is even bigger than the Olympics, and the case for moving our stations even more compelling when you look at the fare zone map.

The change wouldn’t mean any increase in fares for people travelling to or from further south, but it would cut the cost of an annual travelcard into central London by over £330 a year – a saving many Croydon commuters would welcome.

When I raised the matter in Parliament the Tories refused to support it, but during the election campaign even the Prime Minister backed my campaign.  It also has the full support of Croydon Council.  Now we’re waiting to hear in June whether Transport for London will make the change.  If you agree it’s time to cut fares from Croydon please show your support by signing the petition online at