Refugee crisis

 In Croydon, News

This week’s stories from the worsening refugee crisis are heart-wrenching; examples of the huge and growing humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Steve Reed, Labour’s MP for Croydon North, has spoken to the Croydon Advertiser about the crisis, saying: “Britain has a long and proud history reaching out to refugees fleeing the kind of atrocities we are seeing and I think it’s wrong that we’re not playing our part in helping people who are caught up in this crisis.”

This week Steve has also written to community and faith groups about the crisis, which you can read below.

Over the summer the humanitarian crisis on our continent has worsened as refugees flee war in their homeland to find safety in Europe. Hundreds have drowned crossing the sea or suffocated in lorries, while tens of thousands are now stranded with nowhere to go.

It is the worst humanitarian crisis to reach European shores since the Second World War, and Britain must not ignore it. Many of our European neighbours have responded by opening their doors to offer sanctuary to more refugees.

Britain has a proud history of providing safe haven for those fleeing conflict and persecution. That is why many charities and individuals have organised donations, both financial and material, to provide support for those refugees.

I know many people in Croydon will be doing the same, which is why I am writing to community and faith groups here in Croydon North asking them to show their support this weekend.

Please consider displaying a sign with the simple message #RefugeesWelcome to show solidarity with those caught up in the crisis, and to show the Government that our community wants Britain to do more to help. I have already placed a #RefugeesWelcome sign in my constituency office window on London Road.

I would also encourage you to take a photo with your banner and share it on social media, to show the strength of support across our community.

The #RefugeesWelcome message is being used across Europe and shows that we stand ready to offer sanctuary to those who have no choice but to choose the perils of a dangerous journey to save their lives. I hope you are able to support this idea so we can show the British people and refugees themselves that we care.

Yours sincerely

Steve Reed OBE MP