Tory ticket hikes costs Croydon commuters a fortune‏

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Labour MP Steve Reed joined commuters at Thornton Heath station this week to talk about the impact of Boris Johnson’s fare hikes which have costs residents travelling to and from central London an extra £2,730 over the last 8 years.

Under the Tories fares have skyrocketed despite Southern Rail’s increasing poor service.  Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to freeze all fares – including bus, tube and overground – for four years at 2016 prices, as well as introducing a new one-hour ‘Hopper’ bus ticket allowing multiple journeys in 60 minutes.

After speaking to voters this morning, Steve said:

“Boris Johnson’s record of hiking fares up every year and his failure to improve services in Croydon has led to people struggling to pay for their commute into London.  People are being priced out of finding work.  Labour’s Sadiq Khan will put Croydon first and freeze fares every year until 2020, offering commuters in Croydon a much better deal.”