Steve demands sick pay for hospital staff

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Low-paid workers at Kingston Hospital are being denied sick pay by unscrupulous bosses of the privatised company ISS that employs them.  Staff who work as cooks, cleaners and porters have been told they won’t be paid sick pay unless they have built up enough credits in advance – a condition not imposed on well paid managers or other hospital workers.

As a result, staff have been struggling into work when they are unwell, risking spreading infections like the flu to vulnerable patients.  Their wages are so low they simply can’t afford to go without pay for a few days, and feel coerced to come into work when they are ill.

Steve Reed MP has campaigned alongside the workers and their trade union, the GMB, to demand fair terms and conditions.

Speaking at Prime Ministers Questions, Steve said:

Hospital porters and cleaners deserve sick pay and a real living wage, but privatised company ISS refuse – and they’ve even tried to stop their workers contacting their MPs for help

Steve was offered a meeting with the Secretary of State for Health to try and resolve the problem.

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed Member of Parliment for Croydon North

Steven Reed is Labour MP for Croydon North and Shadow Minister for Children and Families. In 2018 his private member’s bill on reducing violent mental health restraint became law. In June 2019 he launched Labour’s civil society strategy outlining radical plans to empower citizens and communities.

Steve chairs the Cooperative Councils Innovation Network, co-chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for London, was Leader of Lambeth Council 2006-12 where he led the council’s children’s services to become best-rated in the country and pioneered the public-health approach to tackling violent youth crime. He worked in publishing for 16 years and was an elected trade union branch secretary.