Have your say on ticket office closures in Croydon

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Have your say on ticket office closures in Croydon

The decision to close nearly all ticket office stations in England will have a huge impact on passengers and staff. 

Even though over 150 million passenger journeys will be hit by this move there has been no equality impact assessment and basic questions on job security and accessibility have been left unanswered.

Rushing this botched plan through in just 21 days without consideration for staff and disabled passenger only risks making the government’s managed decline of the rail network worse.

I’m calling on the government to stop dodging accountability and come clean on the damage these closures will do.

Members of the public have only been given until 26th July to respond to the consultation. To have your say on ticket office closures, please email: [email protected]

Or sign the petition below to support the campaign to hold the government accountable.

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