Cleaner streets

About the campaign

Steve’s championed cleaner streets ever since he was first elected MP for Croydon North. The previous Conservative Council left the borough literally knee-deep in rubbish, reducing the frequency of bin collections, failing to ensure local businesses had waste contracts in place, and prosecuting almost no-one for fly-tipping despite the problem reaching epidemic proportions and deterring investment in the borough.

Steve called a Streets Summit, inviting local community groups to come together and draw up an action plan to present to the Council. With Labour back in charge at the town hall things have improved – although Conservatives in Central Government have hampered the council by cutting the funding available for street cleaning. Fly tipping is now cleared up faster, and record numbers of fly tippers have faced prosecution through the courts.

Steve’s taken up complaints about fly-tipping, dumped rubbish and litter on behalf of thousands of local residents, demanding action when local services have let people down.