Croydon’s NHS

About the campaign

Steve led the campaign to save Croydon University Hospital after it was put on the list for potential closure.   After the Conservative Government failed to properly fund the NHS, managers decided to close one of five hospitals in South-West London, with Croydon University Hospital one of those at risk.

Steve argued it would be unacceptable to leave Croydon – with the biggest population of any borough in London – without its own hospital.  He set up a petition that was quickly supported by thousands of local people calling for the hospital to be removed from the closure list and instead given the investment it needs to improve.

During the 2017 General Election, Steve made saving the hospital the centre-piece of his re-election campaign.   After he won with a dramatically increased majority, the hospital closure plans were withdrawn and £21m allocated to build a brand new A&E that opened in 2019.

Conservative underfunding continues to affect the hospital.  It has only 7 consultant physicians (senior specialist doctors) instead of the 16 it needs, part of a nationwide shortage of doctors the Government has failed to tackle.