Community Energy Scheme – have your say!

Steve Reed MP has long campaigned for Croydon to have its own community energy co-op.  Steve helped set up a similar scheme in Brixton and has introduced Repowering London, the organisation that grew out of that initiative, to Croydon Council.

A community energy co-op would work with Croydon residents to run renewable energy projects that generate electricity sustainably and create local jobs with any profits being ploughed back into the community.   Similar schemes have already proved extremely popular in Brixton, Hackney, Plymouth and many other parts of the country.

If you’d like to find out more about how community energy could work in Croydon, please attend one of Repowering London’s events:

  • Thursday 7 December, 2-8pm – South Norwood Leisure Centre
  • Friday 8 December, 2-8pm – Thornton Heath Leisure Centre

More details:

Steve Reed MP said:

“I’m a big fan of community energy.  Everyone wins.  We generate cheaper energy more sustainably, create local jobs, and generate funds for community projects.

“Projects like this have already worked in other parts of London and across the country.  It’s time for Croydon to get involved – and given our size, I believe we could become one of the greenest boroughs in the country.”