Safety Advice



The coronavirus outbreak is a major health emergency affecting the whole world.  The authorities at a national and local level are reviewing services, information and support and will keep everyone informed.  As the MP for Croydon North, I will share information with the community, support community self-help groups, and feed back your questions and concerns to the Government and the Council to help them improve what help is available particularly to the most vulnerable people.  

Information and advice

During the coronavirus outbreak, it’s important we all take care not to infect others or become infected ourselves.  Please follow these common-sense guidelines when contacting your neighbours:

  • Keep your distance, stay inside house wherever possible, stand 2 metres away, leave supplies on doorstep, communicate via text or call where possible
  • do not touch things with bare hands unnecessarily, including doorbells and doorknobs, wear gloves when handling supplies, bags, leaflets and money
  • wash your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds before and after every interaction, disinfect things you touch that will be given to people
  • Keep a regular eye on current advice and restrictions from and NHS.

There are useful sources of reliable information about Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and others safe.

MP’s advice surgery

To help reduce the spread of infection, I am asking members of the public who need to contact my office to do so by phone or email rather than in person. This is a temporary measure and a sensible precaution to protect vulnerable people. Please be assured we continue to offer a full service of advice and support to members of the public who need it.

If you get in contact, please be sure to leave a message with your name, full address and relevant contact information.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 8665 1214