Fair welfare

Steve’s dealt with over 50,000 issues for local residents, and the single biggest issue raised with him is benefit cuts.  The Conservative Government imposed a housing benefit cap that forced many families out of inner London and into Croydon, then brought in Universal Credit which slashed incomes for families and forced many struggling people deep into debt.

Steve regularly holds an advice surgery where residents come for help.  He’s helped disabled people fight unfair cuts to their income, helped homeless families find housing, and helped refugees find the support they need to settle into the UK.

But too many families have been left without the help they need because of Conservative Government cuts which have deliberately targeted the most vulnerable in society.  Wages have gone down in real terms for over a decade despite the economy growing as the Conservatives have allowed the rich to get richer at the expense of everyone else.  There is now a record number of people in work but living in poverty because their wages are too low to cover their basic living costs such as housing, heating, clothing and food.

Steve has repeatedly criticised the Government for their failure to provide the support people need, and attacked the failures of Universal Credit, calling for it to be scrapped.  In Parliament, Steve confronts ministers with stories of people he’s met in Croydon North to try and convey the depth of misery the Government is causing, but heartless Conservative ministers simply don’t seem to care.