Government must publish secret Brexit papers

Steve Reed has joined over 100 MPs to demand the Government publish their reports on the impact of leaving the European Union.

The Department for Exiting the European Union has undertaken research on how the economy will be affected by Brexit, but has so far refused requests to publish them.

120 MPs have written to David Davis, the Secretary of State, to demand publication of the secret reports.

It means MPs are unable to scrutinise the Government’s plan for Brexit and the public are kept in the dark about the full impact. Croydon, as one of London’s fastest growing economies and populations, will be particularly hard hit by Brexit.

You can read the full letter here.

Steve Reed said:

“The public have a right to see the Government’s secret reports on the damage Brexit will do to the UK.

“Theresa May repeatedly tells us the economic warnings about Brexit were wrong – but she refuses to publish any evidence.

“The Tory cabinet are more interested in fighting each other than sorting out a proper plan to protect jobs and rights after Brexit.”