Health minister says it’s ‘fair’ to underfund Croydon’s NHS

The Conservative health minister has told MPs that ‘funding is fair’ for Croydon’s NHS, despite service cuts, a shortage of GPs and ongoing threats to our hospital.

Croydon North’s Labour MP Steve Reed asked ministers when Croydon’s NHS funding would come up to the London average. The borough’s health service has been funded below the capital’s average every year under the Conservatives, leading to the closure of services like IVF treatment, a shortage of GPs and lengthening waiting times to see a doctor.

Croydon University Hospital is one of four hospitals named as an option for closure or downgrading in plans for the future of the NHS in South West London.

The Conservative Health Minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, said the Government could not be held to account for the level of NHS funding in Croydon even though she is responsible for those decisions.  Steve Reed MP has written to her boss, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, asking why the Government doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing.

Steve Reed said:

“It is shocking that the Conservatives are cutting Croydon’s NHS then pretending it’s got nothing to do with them.

“Croydon’s NHS has been underfunded below the London average every year since the Tories came to power.  Now they are shrugging their shoulders and telling Croydon residents its fair they should be treated worse than residents in other parts of London.

“There is nothing fair about ending IVF treatment for couples, the shortage of GPs, the £36m cut they’ve already agreed for next year, or the threat hanging over Croydon University Hospital because the Conservatives have chosen to treat Croydon as second class.”