“Our green spaces are safe” council confirms

Some residents have been worried by stories about ‘threats’ to local green spaces, particularly in Upper Norwood.  A misunderstanding arose after comments made by an inspector appointed by the Conservative Government.  The Council has confirmed there is no threat to any existing green space.

Here is the statement from Cllr Alison Butler, Deputy Leader of the Council:

“There is no threat to any of the green spaces in Upper Norwood.  All remain fully protected.  This includes Upper Norwood Recreation Ground, Beaulieu Heights, and all the other green spaces in the area. 

The Local Plan is an official document that shows where the Council will and will not allow new building to take place, and what kind of building is allowed.  Croydon Council wanted to create a new category of ‘Local Green Space’ in addition to the existing protection given to green spaces in the borough. 

The Government-appointed inspector has not supported this new category.  This seems to be the cause of the misunderstanding.  He is not supporting the new designation, but this has no impact whatsoever on existing protection for green spaces.  They all remain fully protected and no building can take place on them.”