Race pay gap

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers earn up to a third less than workers from other backgrounds according to recent studies.  This race pay gap directly affects the living standards of many BAME families in Croydon and across the country.

According to the Resolution Foundation think tank, Pakistani and Bangladeshi men earn 14% less than their white counterparts, while an audit of public sector pay in London found BAME workers earn 37% less.

Steve is working with members of Croydon North Labour Party to tackle this discrimination that unfairly holds many people back because of their ethnicity.  Activists from Croydon North Labour Party persuaded the London Labour Party to back proposals to tackle the race pay gap.  Steve Reed MP is now putting together proposals for new laws modelled on gender pay legislation that seeks to narrow the earnings gap between men and women.

Steve said: “It’s unacceptable that some workers are paid less because of their race.  We need a level playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.  I’m planning to bring in new legislation to tackle the race pay gap because we can’t allow this form of discrimination to continue unchallenged.”