My track record

I’m proud to serve on Labour’s front bench as Shadow Minister for Children and Families.  I’ve changed the law to protect people with mental ill health and I’ve taken up over 50,000 cases for people in Croydon North.  I’m grateful to local people who’ve elected me three times to serve as their Member of Parliament – each time with a significantly increased majority.

At a glance

  • Seni’s Law made Steve the first Labour MP in 22 years to pass a major Act of Parliament from opposition, protecting mental health patients following the tragic death of 21-year-old Croydon North resident Seni Lewis

    Mental health
  • Held a public meeting for residents every month since he’s been our MP and dealt with over 50,000 individual issues for Croydon North residents – one of the highest levels for any MP.

    Helping residents
  • First MP in the country to get flammable Grenfell-style cladding stripped from a local housing block in Croydon North.

  • Promoted to Shadow Minister for Children and Families by Jeremy Corbyn after successfully serving as Shadow Minister for Civil Society and Shadow Minister for Local Government.

    Front bench
  • The best record in the country for improving services for vulnerable children after he led Lambeth from worst-rated to best-rated in the country before becoming an MP.

    Vulnerable children
  • Labour’s first shadow minister to back a referendum to end the Brexit crisis – quickly followed by other senior Labour frontbenchers.

    People’s vote
  • Works closely with Croydon’s child refugees – and took a group of 40 of them to Parliament to make their voices heard.

    Child refugees
  • Confronted the Prime Minister in person over cuts and welfare reforms causing poverty and homelessness in Croydon and fuelling the knife-crime epidemic.

  • Led the campaign to save Croydon’s Mayday hospital and now campaigns against NHS privatisation and underfunding with local trade unions.

  • Popular with local voters – Steve increased his majority by over 10,000 votes every time he’s stood for Labour in Croydon North.

  • Spent his summer holidays volunteering to help deaf people in Kenya, raised thousands of pounds for a local homeless charity, and visited refugee camps in Iraq to demand more help from the international community.

  • Helped set up Repowering – the UK’s biggest community-owned sustainable energy company and was the first to call for a Croydon Citizens’ Assembly to tackle climate change in our borough.

    Climate change
  • Launched Labour’s radical new Civil Society Strategy that aims to empower communities and tackle inequality under the next Labour government.

    People power
  • Set up a development programme to help more women, BAME people and disabled people play a leading role in the Labour Party and stand for elections locally, and has launched plans to tackle the race pay gap.

  • The UK’s major trade unions have called on all Labour members to re-select Steve as Labour’s candidate in Croydon North – GMB, Unison, Unite, CWU, Usdaw, Community.


We Back Steve