Poverty and Inequality

Steve together with volunteers at the Croydon Foodbank Project.

Steve campaigns to tackle poverty and inequality in all its forms, and has criticised the Conservatives for pushing more children into poverty as they created a cost-of-living crisis.


More than a decade of unfair Conservative cuts targeting working people has widened inequality and left millions in poverty. This has left millions suffering after the Conservatives crashed the economy, pushing up rents, mortgages, household bills and prices in the shops.


Steve has spoken up in Parliament to call for a fairer approach. He voted for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be halted after meeting local families who had been forced into debt and out of their homes. He also campaigns to end the race pay gap that sees workers from minority ethnic backgrounds paid up to a quarter less than other workers.


In 2019, Steve set up the Croydon Foodbank Project to help tackle holiday hunger among Croydon’s children. He asked local supporters to help collect food donations and deliver them to local foodbanks so they wouldn’t run out of food. You can find a list of local foodbanks here.