Cost of living advice from Steve Reed MP

Local Labour MP Steve Reed has published a guide to support people struggling under the Conservative cost-of-living crisis. The guide lists a range of organisations that provide financial guidance or other services to support to help people manage their household budget. To read the guide, go to: Steve Reed said: We have a fantastic, […]

Steve Reed calls on the Mayor of Croydon to tackle violent youth crime

Local Labour MP Steve Reed is calling on the Conservative Mayor of Croydon to do more to tackle the crisis of violent youth crime in Croydon. The tragic death of a 15-year-old girl in a knife crime incident in Croydon Town Centre shows that Croydon Council must do more to tackle violence on local streets. […]

Steve Reed MP outlines plans to end the Tory sewage scandal

Labour will end the Tory sewage scandal and clean up our waters. Steve Reed MP spoke at Labour Party Conference 2023 in Liverpool this week to outline how Labour will clean up Britain’s polluted rivers, lakes and seas by blocking water bosses’ bonuses if they keep breaking the law. Water companies have allowed record levels […]

Toxic Tory filth is destroying british waters

The Conservatives are up to their necks in a sewage crisis of their own making. Water companies dumped raw sewage in British rivers and lakes 300,000 times last year. Now, the Office for Environmental Protection has announced that the Conservative Government may have broken the law by letting them get away with it. Labour is […]

Petition: fair funding for Croydon’s community groups

Croydon’s Conservative Mayor has axed funding for Croydon’s charities and community groups. Many local groups have been forced to reduce their activities and some may even face closure. Steve Reed MP said: Our local charities and community groups support thousands of people each year. They clean up litter, support mums and children, and care for […]

Have your say on ticket office closures in Croydon

The decision to close nearly all ticket office stations in England will have a huge impact on passengers and staff.  Even though over 150 million passenger journeys will be hit by this move there has been no equality impact assessment and basic questions on job security and accessibility have been left unanswered. Rushing this botched […]

Statement on knife crime in Thornton Heath

Many constituents have contacted me about the recent series of stabbings in and around Thornton Heath. Two young men have lost their lives in these attacks, and a third is currently being treated in hospital. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. I have long called on the Government to take urgent action […]

Crystal Palace volunteers raise money for Christmas lights

A group of local volunteers has come together to raise money for a new set of Christmas lights for Crystal Palace Triangle. Local Labour MP Steve Reed met with two volunteers to support their cause. Crystal Palace Triangle has been left unlit over Christmas for many years. Now Croydon Council has agreed to install and […]

Croydon Conservatives cut back enforcement against fly-tipping

Croydon’s Conservative Mayor has announced plans to sack the Council’s Neighbourhood Safety Officers, who are responsible for enforcing action against antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping. The announcement comes at a time when fly-tipping is at a record high in Croydon. Rachael Baylis, from the GMB Trade Union, said: “For context, 95% of the work that goes […]

Conservatives are failing victims of crime

Record delays under the Conservative Government are forcing victims of crime to wait years for their case to come to trial. Over two-thirds of rape victims now pull out of pursuing their case, and only 1.9% of reported rapists were charged in the last year. Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons, Steve […]