Steve Reed MP outlines plans to end the Tory sewage scandal

Labour will end the Tory sewage scandal and clean up our waters. Steve Reed MP spoke at Labour Party Conference 2023 in Liverpool this week to outline how Labour will clean up Britain’s polluted rivers, lakes and seas by blocking water bosses’ bonuses if they keep breaking the law. Water companies have allowed record levels […]

Toxic Tory filth is destroying british waters

The Conservatives are up to their necks in a sewage crisis of their own making. Water companies dumped raw sewage in British rivers and lakes 300,000 times last year. Now, the Office for Environmental Protection has announced that the Conservative Government may have broken the law by letting them get away with it. Labour is […]

Conservatives are failing victims of crime

Record delays under the Conservative Government are forcing victims of crime to wait years for their case to come to trial. Over two-thirds of rape victims now pull out of pursuing their case, and only 1.9% of reported rapists were charged in the last year. Speaking in a debate in the House of Commons, Steve […]

Steve Reed speaks in support of powers of attorney Bill

On Friday, Steve Reed spoke in Parliament in support of a Private Members’ Bill to modernise and streamline the process for making and registering a lasting power of attorney. The Bill has passed all readings in the House of Commons and its first reading in the House of Lords, where it is due for a […]